Service dog missing for over 3 years reunited with family in time for the holidays

December 27, 2020
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Michigan couple Steve and Debra Mejeur received a very special Christmas surprise this year. The pair said they were reunited with their beloved black Lab mix, Lola, who went missing over three years ago.

In October 2017, the couple and then 5-year-old Lola were visiting a friend in Elk Grove Village, Illinois — about three hours from their home in Kalamazoo — when their world turned upside down. Somehow, the pup escaped from the fenced-in chain-link backyard of their friend’s home, Debra told CBS News.

Lola, who Debra said had never run away before, was more than just a pet to the couple. She was also Debra’s service dog. Debra told CBS News she has epilepsy with grand mal seizures, and said Lola was her seizure response dog to help her after the seizures would occur.

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