Strangers rally to send Chesterfield autistic boy birthday cards

January 22, 2022
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A mother has been “overwhelmed” by hundreds of strangers sending her autistic son birthday cards.

Harry, from Chesterfield, wanted to go bowling for his 11th birthday party but struggled to get anyone to come.

His mother Hannah decided to take to social media and ask people to send him birthday cards so he did not feel lonely.

They have now received about 200 from well wishers, with more arriving every day.

Hannah, 31, said: “It’s crazy, I’m so overwhelmed.

“He always wants a birthday party but it’s always been difficult to arrange. He’s not been invited to a party since reception.

“He’s a really good kid, just misunderstood.

“Unless you know him, you can’t understand the things he does.

“For example, if a kid falls over in the playground he might smile. He’s not being malicious, it’s just his face and feelings do not match up.”


She put an appeal for cards on her social media because she wanted Harry to feel “included” and “less alone”.

She said so far more than 200 have arrived, some from as far afield as Dubai.

Some people have also offered to bring their children to his bowling birthday party and they have now enough attendees to fill two lanes, more than originally planned.

“It has shocked me how many people have been through the same thing,” she added.

“I think a lot of people can resonate with his story about being lonely, feeling left out.

“It shows people do care who he is, he’s not just another child who will go under the radar not having anyone.”

The cards are being collected by the shop Gorilla Garms in Chesterfield, and will be given to Harry as a surprise on his birthday on Tuesday.

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