Stray Is Raising Money for Homeless Cats with Game Giveaway

September 10, 2022
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BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray is one of the most highly anticipated games of the summer, and as launch day draws near, excitement is growing for the upcoming adventure title that puts players in the “shoes” of a stray cat. Since its announcement in June 2020 at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, Stray has become the most wishlisted game on Steam, and PS4 and PS5 players are no doubt looking forward to it as well.

The marketing efforts of publisher Annapurna Interactive have been ramping up steadily in the past week and include the launch of a Stray themed cat backpack and harness by Travel Cat, a small business that creates products that allow cats to explore the world with their humans more safely. The Stray backpack is a colorful version of “The Fat Cat,” the company’s bestselling carrier that has a clear bubble to let cats view their environment as they travel. The harness is a replica of the one worn by Stray’s protagonist kitty in the game.

Annapurna has also teamed up with a few cat shelters and humane societies to help them raise funds by giving away copies of Stray for PC, PS4, and PS5. These are Cats Protection, a UK-based cat welfare charity, as well as Nebraska Humane Cats and Nebraska Humane Society. The requirements to enter the giveaway seem to vary, as do the number of copies available. Cat Protection has six copies to share and the competition is free, while the two Nebraska societies each have four copies of Stray to give away and people can enter by donating $5.

There will also be opportunities to win a copy of the adventure title in other ways. UK-based content creator Emmalition will be playing Stray on her YouTube channel on launch day and will be giving away two codes for the game.

Additionally, gamers were recently introduced to Murtaugh, the real-life cat inspiration behind the protagonist of Stray. Along with a picture of the formerly stray orange tabby dozing in the sun, the developers released a post on PlayStation.Blog to share a bit of the behind-the-scenes of creating a realistic kitty in-game, covering animation and programming.

While BlueTwelve Studio wasn’t aiming for a 100% accurate representation of a cat, the development team still wanted to make Stray’s feline hero believable. The title follows the adventures of the cat as it sets out to reunite with its family while navigating a world populated by robots. The gameplay of Stray features platforming elements, puzzle solving, and navigating obstacles, though the player character will be assisted by a drone named B12 and so won’t have to go it entirely alone.

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