Teenager saves 74-year-old woman’s life who shattered femur, called for help

June 24, 2020
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Image Source: https://krdo.com/

Last month, Betty Williams, who was staying at her daughter’s house in Palmer Lake, fell down the garage stairs when she was home alone. The 74-year-old used a broom to open the garage door, and cried for help for 20 minutes.

Luckily, a 16-year-old Palmer Ridge high school student, Hannah Dreher, was outside practicing volleyball. She noticed Williams’ dog, Rusty, running around. When Dreher went to return the dog, she heard Williams’ calls for help.

Williams had fractured her femur, so the teenager waited with Williams until the ambulance and EMT arrived.

Williams’ daughter, Judy Ankeney, says, “The young lady came to check on her while she was still at the hospital and also baked my mom cookies and came to visit once she was home.”

Dreher hopes to one day become a private duty nurse for people with special needs.

She says, “It’s my passion. If you’re not doing something you love to do, you’re doing the wrong something.”

Story Source: https://krdo.com/news/2020/06/16/teenager-saves-74-year-old-womans-life-who-shattered-femur-called-for-help/

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