Thai navy sailors rescue adorable cats from ship fire

April 2, 2021
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In an act of good deed, navy officials have rescued 4 cats from a ship that had caught fire and began to sink about 13 kilometres off Adang Island in the southern province of Satun. The ship’s 8 member crew had jumped off the sinking vessel and were rescued by a passing fishing ship, but the cats were left onboard.

The Thai Navy inspected the Phamonsin Nava 10 fishing ship to check if there had been any oil spillage and noticed 4 cats were onboard, according to Facebook user “Nookool.b” who posted photos of the feline rescue mission. Navy sailors rescued the cats by carrying them piggy‐back style across the water to the navy vessel unit. The felines were safely rescued and were in good condition, just a bit dehydrated.

“They carried each cat on their backs and swam back to the Navy vessel until every cat was rescued.”


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