The cub was rescued in Boka, after the dolphin’s father asked for help

March 27, 2022
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The technical team of the Institute of Marine Biology rescued a dolphin cub from the net on Monday, after Father Deflin came to seek their help.

The head of the Boka Aquarium at the Institute of Marine Biology, Mirko Đurović, told the RTCG Portal that these are certainly good dolphins (tursiops truncatus), which are often seen in the bay.

Djurovic says that such behavior of defines, who know how to seek people’s help with their behavior, is absolutely common.

“It mostly depends on the observer, who should notice the unusual behavior of dolphins. Mostly only people from the sea and more experienced fishermen can do that,” says Djurovic.

And this is exactly what Vijeko Barić, the janitor at the Institute, did, who was the first to notice the unusual behavior of an adult pair of dolphins.

“My work rooms are right by the sea. I noticed that the dolphins had come to an end. I see them climbing, two dolphins are hovering, one is leaving and coming. In fact, one is standing and the other is diving and emerging next to him. I realized that one of the dolphins got entangled in the net, “Baric told Radio Tivat.

Colleagues – a gardener and the captain of the research ship – came to his aid very quickly, and they set sail to see what it was all about.

It is interesting that the dolphins, in the direction of the Institute, pulled the shadow from the net of the filling in which their cub got entangled, and which they raised from the bottom, according to Barić, from a depth of about 17 meters. They sought help in the right place, the team of the Institute reacted promptly, reports the RTCG Portal.

“I saw a shadow, we pulled the net and managed to free the cub, which was not injured,” Vijeko told our radio, not hiding his immense joy and pride.

“When we released him, his parents literally took him in their arms, and my father gave us a cry that I dare not repeat, because I would spoil it with my voice. But I will remember that thank you for the rest of my life. They performed some of their dances for us for a long time, probably two minutes, then they greeted us once again and sailed their way, “shared the impressions of the caretaker of the Institute of Marine Biology, who says he has a” curious habit of looking at the sea every now and then. ” .

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