The removal of dams

August 8, 2020
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2019 also saw the start of the removal of multiple dams in the Ukrainian Danube Delta. The removal of 10 obsolete dams on the Kogilnik and Sarata Rivers will rapidly revitalise the rivers, restore natural processes, support the comeback of wildlife, and underpin the development of local nature-based economies.

The removal was carried out by a local contractor and financed by the Endangered Landscapes Programme and a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was organised by WWF in the Netherlands and was part of the Dam Removal Europe (DRE) initiative.

A series of 10 small dams previously restricted the flow of the Kogilnik and Sarata Rivers, negatively impacting river beds and local biodiversity. Dams in general restrict sediment flows, fragment habitats and disrupt the migratory pathways of fish. The removal of the dams will allow 20 km of new habitat to be created along the two rivers, including flooded meadows. This will be advantageous for local wildlife species, including wild carp, frogs, otters and breeding and migratory birds.

The project will enter its second phase in 2020, when feasibility studies for upriver channel clearance and restoration will be conducted.

Today rewilding is gaining momentum as a progressive and effective approach to conservation in Europe. Following this trend, Rewilding Europe continues to foster collaboration and amplify results.

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