The UK’s offshore wind pipeline reaches 86 GW, sees a 60% increase in 12 months

March 30, 2022
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UK’s offshore wind pipeline

The pipeline, which “includes projects that are fully operational, under construction, consented, in the planning system, or being developed for submission into planning,” has seen a 60% increase over the past 12 months, and it’s more than eight times the UK’s current operational capacity.

The surge in the last 12 months was mainly the result of huge leasing round announcements by The Crown Estate (8 GW) and Crown Estate Scotland (25 GW).

Globally, the total offshore wind pipeline has reached 517 GW. So, where does the UK stand in comparison to other countries’ offshore wind pipelines?

Its total pipeline is bigger than China’s, which is at 74.7 GW, as per the below chart, but China now has more fully operational capacity – 24 GW – than the UK, which has 10.5 GW.

The US’s pipeline comes in third at nearly 48 GW, which is a significant number, seeing how it currently has almost no built offshore wind capacity.

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