The village that went dark to save a bird’s nest, and its hatchlings

April 14, 2021
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For 45 days, a nondescript village in Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga district went dark without streetlights, setting a new example for kindness. Potthakudi, a village with 120 houses, switched off all 35 streetlights in the hamlet to save the hatchlings of an Indian Robin which built its nest in the main switchboard. The villagers also disconnected power connection from the switchboard to the streetlights to ensure that the bird and its hatchlings do not suffer in any manner. As the bird and its hatchlings left their nest on Saturday, the village got its streetlights back on Sunday after 45 long days. The kindness displayed by the villagers towards a bird and its hatchlings has won over the internet and animal lovers who have been lavishing praise on the people who made this happen.

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