The Woman Who Turned Her Homeless, Drug-Addicted Friend into a Businessman

May 2, 2021
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Patrik Hinga is a Kenyan boy who also known as ” Pele ” among his friends as he was the best footballer in his school. But everything changes after he graduated from high school and as he is addicted to drugs.

He is addicted to hard drugs and lost everything in his life and there were none to care about him. Then a miracle happened in his life after meeting his school friend called ” Vanji ” after 15 years.

She met her childhood friend who went mad after being addicted to drugs, instead of neglecting him or running away, she bought him breakfast and spoke with his old friend. after this moment his life completely changed.

She created a fundraising campaign in order to help his childhood friend to undergo some therapies at a psychiatric hospital and she encourages him so hard to get recovered from this. God is great!

I feel like a new person. I ask God every day that I never return to this kind of life, to drugs.

Patrick Hinga

Now He is recovered and she won’t stop there. In addition to that, she helped his friend to start a business called Hing’s Store.

This Kenyan story proved to the entire world that only one good friend can change your entire life. And the task done by that lady must be appreciated by all.

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