Two cats hailed ‘heroes’ for saving owner from house fire

February 3, 2021
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Two cats belonging to an Edinburgh resident have been called heroes for their part in saving the life of their owner. Read on to learn how Dexter and Daisy saved the day.

On Boxing Day this year a resident living in a block of flats in Edinburgh had a narrow escape all thanks to two brave cats. Dexter and Daisy woke suddenly from a snooze and stormed into their owner’s bedroom.

Fearing an intruder, the owner got up and looked through the spyhole of their front door. To their horror the owner – who wishes to remain anonymous – spied a common-way engulfed by flames and smoke.

Startled by something

The resident described the shocking incident to Edinburgh Live“I was laying in bed with Dexter and Daisy when they both suddenly popped up and ran out into the hall obviously startled by something.

“There hadn’t been a noise but I thought it was maybe the postman or an Amazon driver. They were both over by the front door clearly freaked out and on high alert. Something wasn’t right.

I looked out the peep hole to see the stairway filled with flames. I thought I was seeing things! I opened the door to a fire.”

Saviours of the day

“I was in complete shock,” added the resident. “I called 999 and was screaming HELP in the stairway. A neighbour bravely rushed out his flat and managed to put out the fire, and the emergency services followed quickly behind.”

The owner believes that if the cats had not picked up on the presence of the fire, escape would have been impossible.

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