United States Could Cut Transport Emissions by 34 Percent by 2030

May 22, 2022
Climate Change
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Image Source: https://www.planetizen.com/

An analysis from America Is All In states that the U.S. could cut emissions in the transportation sector by up to 34 percent by 2030 if federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sector, ramp up their current efforts, which are currently on track to reduce emissions by 19 percent by the end of the decade. Dan Zukowski describes the report, whose author notes that “additional action could further reduce transport emissions, bringing the country closer to meeting President Joe Biden’s overall goal of a 50% to 52% reduction in U.S. carbon emissions by 2030.”

The report cites specific steps that can be taken at each level. The federal government should continue its electric vehicle tax credit and purpose increased fuel economy standards. Cities and states can boost their efforts to electrify municipal fleets, reduce vehicle use, and improve EV charging infrastructure. The private sector can “invest in research and development of alternative fuels” that can help decarbonize the electric grid.

“Separately on [April 21], the Federal Highway Administration announced a new program, part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, called the Carbon Reduction Program, making available $6.4 billion in formula funding for states and localities over five years.” The program will fund projects such as bus rapid transit, micromobility, bike infrastructure, and congestion pricing.

Story Source: https://www.planetizen.com/news/2022/05/117053-report-united-states-could-cut-transport-emissions-34-percent-2030

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