Volunteers sign up to mow lawns for disabled, underprivileged neighbors across the country

October 14, 2021
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Image Source: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/

The pandemic led to massive job losses across the country and a man who was laid off decided to start a nonprofit to help others and their unruly yards.

Brian Schwartz lives in New Jersey but once called Arizona home as he is an Arizona State University alumni.

Schwartz started iwanttomowyourlawn.com after losing his job at the start of the pandemic. At first, it was just him mowing lawns, but in a year, it’s caught fire.

“Now to date, we have 135 volunteers across 34 states and within the last 30 days, 75 volunteers have signed up,” he said.

Adding, it’s not about taking jobs from landscapers, but it’s about helping the people that don’t have any other option to maintain their yards.

Schwartz says he has a few volunteers in Phoenix that have helped a few homes and that the emotional reward for all involved is worth the work.

“I got some feedback from the client’s caretaker and she was just in tears. She hasn’t been able to find somebody and really afford it with everything else going on,” Schwartz said.

He says it’s just a platform for people to help and he won’t be stopping any time soon.

“I want to keep mowing – like Forrest Gump. Keep on going,” Schwartz said.

The website describes the businesses as, “Our mission is to put some good out in the universe one lawn at a time by helping our seniors, veterans, disabled neighbors and those in underprivileged communities.”

Story Source: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/volunteers-sign-up-to-mow-lawns-for-disabled-underprivileged-neighbors-across-the-country

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