Wausau man saves Christmas by returning $3,000 found on the sidewalk

January 1, 2021
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Image Source: https://www.nbc15.com/

A good Samaritan in Wausau helped save Christmas for a perfect stranger by going the extra mile to return thousands of dollars in cash that he found just sitting on the sidewalk.

According to the Wausau Police Dept., the unnamed white knight spotted the $3,000 along with “numerous Christmas gift envelopes and a receipt.” Picking up all of that money, he next called police to turn it in.

Now, it was time for the police dept. to do their thing. In its Facebook post about the money, police said they reached out to the “awesome folks at Peoples State Bank.” Together, they tracked down the money’s rightful owner and returned it all.

The original good Samaritan, who found the money in the first place, was also given a reward for integrity. Wausau police presented him with a gift card to brighten his day.

Story Source: https://www.nbc15.com/2020/12/17/wausau-man-saves-christmas-by-returning-3000-found-on-the-sidewalk/

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